Signs You May Need a Roofing Contractor

Just like any house, your roof will wear down over time. You may want to get a roofing contractor to come and tell you what needs to be done, or you can check on your own! Here are some signs that you may need to have your roof replaced.

Age is a big thing for roofs. They can last a long time, but if your roof is over twenty years old, it is usually a sign that it might be time for a new one.

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This is definitely true if you are beginning to see signs of wear and tear across the shingles of your home. It means that the elements are starting to wear down your roof and that a new one is necessary for the protection of your home.

If you have frequent leaks, whether that be of water or air, that is another sign that you are due for a new roof. attics that are hot in the summer and cold in the winter mean that your roof is not sealed properly. This could be detrimental to your air conditioning bill.

Keeping your house protected is a large part of home owning, and making sure your roof is working properly will do just that.