Metal Fabrication Tips

Metal fabrication is a complex process. Properly shaped materials and precision will be required. Let's go over some tips from this clip for excellent metal fabrication.

You'll start by finding a metal square that is longer than your metal circle. Draw strong lines with your square indicating where the exact center of the circle is.

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Next, you'll use template paper to find an ideal hole. Acquire a piece of tape and stiff paper to map out where you want your hole located.

Another great tip is to use pointed bolts. A pointed bolt will allow you to mark holes. Be careful not to put the bolts you sawed to a point too deep into your piece of metal.

A tip for further down the metal fabrication tip list is to burn an inch. This means using the 1-inch mark as the end of your tape measure. Now when you line up your measure to a piece of tubing, do not forget that you've eliminated an inch from the tape.

Template paper patterns should also be thought of when you're attempting to get a piece to fit into a pre-existing area. These templates can allow you to build a panel out based on its pattern.