How to Rent a Porta Potty

If you're hosting a big event in a space with few or no bathrooms, renting a porta potty is essential. If you've never rented a porta potty before, here are some tips on making this a stress-free process for you and the rental company.

Before you make an agreement with the rental company, there is a lot to consider. How many guests will be at your event? Typically for a daytime event, you should rent one unit for every 100 guests.

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Handicap-accessible porta potties are available and recommended if any of your guests have special needs.

Before you decide on the number of units and type of porta potty you want, confirm that your event space can accommodate a porta potty. Take measurements of the space and the company can confirm whether or not the unit will fit properly. If your event area is fenced in, you will need to make sure that the service trucks can get into the space, whether that is through a gate or by removing part of the fence.

Consider any additional services you may want to add to your contract. Porta potty companies also offer sinks, hand sanitizer, damage protection, and cleaning services for events that last more than one day.

For more tips, see the linked video.