How to Safely Conduct Tree Removal

Tree removal is a service that requires a focused set of skills. Tree felling, or tree cutting, is also a skill that requires a knowledge of basic physics to do it safely. This video will show the basic physics and procedure required to do it safely.

Video Source

There are three essential tools for tree cutting. These tools include a wedge, a back cut, and a hinge. It’s imperative to have a decent-sized wedge so that the wedge is closed by the time the tree falls. A back cut needs to be applied slightly above the cut made on the tree, and a flat cut needs to be made in a horizontal motion. It’s important to be careful not to make an over-cut when cutting the top of the wedge. Also, make sure the hinge is in the desired position that falls the tree in the right direction. For the back cut, a mark should be made to indicate where it will be made. Using the same cut line will keep the hinge at a consistent width.

Tree removal services have the skill set to chop trees efficiently and safely. For plenty more information on the tree-cutting process, take a look at the video linked above.