How Septic Tank Installation Works

A septic tank is an underground tank where wastewater is collected and treated. The wastewater separates into different layers. Bacteria break down the solid layers. The liquid part is separated and drained away into a drain field. The attached video describes the process of a septic tank installation. First, get the relevant permits and approvals for a septic tank installation.

Video Source

Dig up the pit, level it evenly, and place the tank in. Follow guidelines on how far it should be from your home. Septic tanks are made of concrete, polyethylene, or fiberglass. The tank's size depends on the size of your house. Ensure the orientation of the inlet and outlet is correct. Trenches are dug and a laser level is used to check the depth. Drain lines are placed in and fitted together. Connect the drainage pipe from your house to the tank's inlet. The outlet should be led to the distribution box from which the drain lines are directed towards the drainage field. The pit is left open for an open pit inspection. It is recommended to hire a professional for your septic tank installation, as they have the required knowledge and equipment.