What You Need to Know About Tax Lawyers

While many people know about accountants and tax preparers, you may not know that there are also tax lawyers. So what is a tax lawyer, and do you need one? In this article, we will answer both of these questions.

The biggest difference between other tax professionals and a tax lawyer is that the lawyer has extra knowledge about tax law. So in addition to normal tax-related tasks, these lawyers can do legal work.

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Many large companies will only work with a tax lawyer. If there are ever any legal issues this is a huge benefit, because the lawyer will already have extensive knowledge of the company's taxes and financial situation.

Another common use for tax lawyers is mergers and acquisitions. These are complicated, long processes that involve intense scrutiny from the government. While an account would certainly understand the financials and numbers, a tax lawyer could not only give advice and help plan the merger, but defend the company's position if the government tried to stop the acquisition or merger.

These are the biggest reasons you may want to consider hiring a tax lawyer. For more information on tax lawyers and what they do, watch the linked video.