How to Know if You Need Tree Removal Services

Trees are a beautiful addition to any yard or property. However, if the tree is damaged or diseased, it can not only ruin the look of your lawn, but become a potential danger. Here are some tips on how to decide whether or not you need tree removal services.

Some signs that a tree needs to be removed are obvious. Extreme weather like tornadoes and hurricanes can damage trees.

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Signs that a tree has been damaged by a storm include missing limbs, severe leaning, or loud cracking noises that sound like the tree is breaking. If any of these signs are present the tree should be removed as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

Some signs are more subtle. If you know the species of the tree you can search for photos of what a diseased tree looks like, and compare them to the tree in your yard. If the tree is diseased a professional can assess the risk and give advice on whether or not to remove the tree.

Tree removal should always be done by professionals. They have the proper equipment and can avoid serious injury. For more information on tree removal, see the linked video.