What Happens at Eye Appointments

If you want to buy glasses, you need to get a prescription from an optometrist. An optometrist can determine the prescription strength you need for your eyes, and find any other eye problems affecting your vision. Here is what you can expect to happen at your first eye appointment.

When you first arrive at your appointment you will need to fill out paperwork. Be sure to have any relevant information from your medical history, including any prescriptions you currently take.

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You should also bring your insurance identification card. The paperwork will include a questionnaire about your medical history and any health problems you have.

The doctor will first test different parts of your vision. If there is a problem with your peripheral vision they will need to do further tests to rule out cancer or other serious illnesses. The optometrist will also test your ability to see different colors.

To test your ability to focus, you will need to look through a device with a lot of lenses. The optometrist will ask you whether things look more blurry or more in focus as they change the lenses, which will help them determine the ideal prescription for your eyes.

For more tips, see the linked video.