Should You Consider a Welding Apprenticeship?

When you're wondering whether you should consider a welding apprenticeship, there are many different factors that may come into play in your decision-making process. As the video "A day in the life of a Welding Apprentice" explains, welders can have a range of responsibilities from helping to build parts for fighter jets to completing live aircraft repairs and even traveling at times for work.

What do welding apprentices do?

While every welding apprenticeship is different, there are some common duties and tasks that welding apprentices typically carry out. Welding apprentices usually start their day early in the morning unless their apprenticeship is designed differently.

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At the beginning of an apprenticeship shift, apprentices review important technical drawings and documents. Then, they will consult with the appropriate supervisors and coworkers to figure out what they'll be doing during the day.

Why should someone consider a welding apprenticeship?

If you want to get your foot in the door at a welding company, an apprenticeship can be a great way to prove your worth as an employee. When you spend three years with a company as an apprentice, they can see how you fit into their bigger picture.