The Basics of Infant Care for New and Expectant Mothers

Many new or expectant mothers worry that they might not give their babies the right care because they are not ready. If you feel unprepared to take on the role of a caregiver, you can get ready for the transition by learning a few basics of infant care right where you are. Here are a few infant care tips to get you started. Newborns come covered in amniotic fluid, which can make them chilly.

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It would be best to give them warmth as soon as they are dried by placing them on your chest. Ensure that you sanitize or wash your hands with soap and water before holding them. Newborns have low immunity and are at risk of infections. They are also very fragile, so you must support the head and neck while holding them. Infants feel insecure when they are born. They need to be reassured to keep them calm. You can reassure them by cuddling and gently singing or talking to them. Avoid shaking newborns out of frustration. Shaking could cause brain bleeding and even death. Instead of shaking, rock them in your arms and gently sing or talk to them. Click the link above to get an expert's complete guide to infant care.