How Would Land Dispute Attorneys Challenge a Lien?

Have you tried removing a lien from your property without much success? It's time to call a land dispute attorney to defend it for you. A land dispute attorney will help you prove that you have met all the requirements and are entitled to payment. Here is how the land dispute attorneys challenge liens when a wrongful lien is filed on your property. The land dispute attorney will help you contest the lien by filing a motion in district court.

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The summary lawsuit will allow you to remove the lien as soon as possible. This process is useful when trying to transfer or sell property under a wrongful lien. If the court rules in your favor, it pronounces a court order that removes the lien over your property. The ruling also allows you to sell or transfer the property. However, the court might order you to file a bond that will protect the party who filed the lien. Your attorney could also file a lawsuit that will force the other party to enforce the lien as soon as possible. Click the link above for more information on how lad dispute attorneys challenge a lien.