A Guide to Drain Cleaning Services

Water backing up in sinks, tubs, and toilets is about blockage in the sewer lines. Removing the blockage takes equipment used by professional drain cleaning services. They have cameras with which to see the problem and know the best way to solve it.

Video Source

Roger Wakefield of Texas Green Plumbing explains which ways sewer blockages are removed using special equipment. He begins by telling us about releasing pressure in the front or backyard clean-out, thus draining the water in sinks, tubs, and toilets.

The Snake

Mr. Wakefield calls them something else, but the machines he describes are snakes. Some are used in the drains, and some are on the roof vents.

The Spartan

Roots penetrating the pipes block the passage of water and waste. The Spartan deletes the roots so a camera can be run down the line to see if they got it all.


All drain cleaning services have a hydro jet to shoot high-pressure water down the sewer pipes. Trust us, no blockage will survive that blast.

Blow Bags

Rubber or cloth bags around a water hose are inflated and placed in the pipe. When released, the blockage is moved further down the line until there's no more blockage.

Homeowners can remove blockages themselves, but they risk harming their pipes. Professional plumbers use the correct machine for the job, so be sure to call one when there's a blockage.