What Does a General Contractor Do?

Are you planning to become a general contractor? You should be ready to oversee construction projects from start to finish. You'll manage the entire process of building a new structure, remodeling an existing one, or completing a renovation project.

In this line of work, you'll be the main point of contact for all parties involved in a construction project, including the owner, architect, subcontractors, and suppliers. Your role starts with the planning phase of a construction project, working closely with the architect to ensure that the construction plans are accurate and feasible.

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It will also include involvement in the design process, helping to make decisions about materials, budget, and timeline.

Once the planning phase is complete, the contractor is responsible for organizing the construction site, obtaining necessary permits, and hiring subcontractors to complete specific tasks. They manage the day-to-day operations of the construction site and ensure that all workers and subcontractors follow safety protocols and adhere to the construction schedule.

The managing contractor is also responsible for purchasing materials, equipment, and supplies needed for the project. They negotiate contracts with suppliers and ensure that all materials are delivered on time and within budget.

Finally, the general contractor is responsible for ensuring that the final product meets the owner's specifications and is delivered on time. They perform final inspections, ensure that all work has been completed according to plans and regulations, and provide a warranty for their work.