What Are Cabinet Refacing Services

Remodeling or updating a home usually begins with the kitchen. Since the cabinets are the first thing people see, they're generally replaced. Old or dark cabinets don't have to be replaced, though. Cabinet refacing services are quicker and less messy, and the end result is remarkable.

How Is Refacing Done?

The video shows how cabinets can be refaced in five days. The first step is to remove the cabinet doors, facings on the drawers, and crown molding.

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The second step consists of placing cut-to-size ends of cabinets, islands, or peninsulas in preparation for the refacing.

In the third step, the veneer, which had been previously cut to size, is applied.

Next, the cabinets are painted, the refaced doors and drawer facings screwed on, and the crown molding replaced. New hardware is installed. You now have new cabinets without all the fuss of replacement.

Advantages Of Refacing

Cabinet refacing services correct faulty cabinet components like defective hardware and crooked doors. The replaced doors allow you to get your dream cabinets complete with hardware finally. You can even have new drawer glides and grips.

Kitchen remodeling doesn't have to be a pain. Refacing cabinets saves time, money, and worry. It's a pretty and viable solution to remodeling.