Is it Time for Tree Removal?

Homeowners may need tree removal services due to various reasons, such as the tree posing a danger to the property or occupants, being diseased or dead, or causing an obstruction. Some signs that indicate it's time to remove a tree from your property include:

  1. Safety hazards: A tree that's leaning or has branches that overhang a structure can be a safety hazard. If there is a risk of the tree falling and causing damage or injury, it is best to have it removed.

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  2. Disease or decay: Trees that are diseased or decaying can pose a threat to the property and inhabitants. Signs of decay include cracks in the trunk, cavities, and peeling bark.
  3. Roots: Remove the tree if its roots are causing damage to the home's foundation or pipes. Additionally, roots that protrude above the ground can create a tripping hazard.
  4. Location: If the tree is planted too close to the home or other structures, it can cause an obstruction and prevent the structures from receiving adequate sunlight and ventilation.
  5. Age: Trees that are older or past their prime can become unstable and pose a risk of falling.
  6. Infestation: If a tree is infested with pests, it can become weakened and eventually die. If left untreated, the infestation can spread to other trees on the property.

When considering tree removal, consult with a professional arborist to determine the best strategy for the safety and well-being of the property and its occupants.