A Guide to Deep Gutter Cleaning

It's that time of year! Time for gutter cleaning. Yes, it's not anyone's favorite task, but it must be done. To help, Broden Hill, owner of The Gutter Guyz, wants to show you how to clean your gutters with dry and wet debris.

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Wet Debris

When cleaning wet debris, the experts recommended cleaning it by hand since wet debris gets muddy and has a lot of grit in the gutters. A blower can mess around the house, so avoid the hassle and clean everything by hand. Once you remove the leaves and debris from the downspout, the water will drain out properly.

All the leaves, plants, and debris can weigh quite a bit, so it's essential to make sure your gutters are getting cleaned regularly.

Dry Debris

You'll see dry debris when there hasn't been any rain in about a week. Because there's no water in there, the blower does an excellent job of removing everything from the gutter — whether it's sticks or leaves.

Stay safe when cleaning your gutters. Use an aluminum ladder and mark any powerline areas to prevent getting electrocuted.