Here's How Expert Roofers Start Shingle Courses

For roofs that need shingles, it's possible for an experienced DIY homeowner to do it on their own. The video is narrated by the owner-operator of a roof installation company who offers great insight and advice on how to properly start the course of shingling a roof. There is a great deal of material in the video.

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The following presents some of the highlights and is enough to help anyone make a good start to the process. When shingling a roof, it must be done in a staggered pattern. This means five shingles high, staggered, and eight inches at the seams. This pattern should be continued all the way up the roof. Before shingling, install starter strips on gables and along eaves. Make the first shingle flush with the eave starter, and nail it down using a four-nail pattern, which means evenly spacing four nails in the center. If the home is in a high-wind zone, it is essential to follow local regulations. This could mean putting up to six nails in each shingle. This is accomplished by putting a nail at one end, four evenly spaced nails in the center, and another nail at the other end. Once the first shingle has been completed, cut the second one. This can be done with any standard roofing knife.