How to Keep Your Landscaping Maintenance Low

Looking for ways to better manage landscape options? This video is presented by a landscape designer who offers great insight into how anyone can create and manage a landscape without too much maintenance. The first important thing pointed out by the presenter is that a lawn and garden are not required in a landscape. Outdoor areas should be considered landscapes, not lawns and gardens, and it is possible to design a landscape in a way that fits the homeowner's preferences.

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However, for those who like plants and greenery in their landscape, it's still possible to attain this without too much work. Here's one of the many tips offered in the video. The first is to avoid adding too many herbaceous perennials or annuals to the design plan. An herbaceous perennial is a plant that comes back year after year but is dormant during the winter. An annual completes its growing life cycle in one year and dies when it gets cold. These types of plants require a great deal of maintenance. It is much better to make shrubs the predominant plant and fill the spaces between them with perennials. Shrubs will fill more space over time and compete better with weeds. Here's to creating a low-maintenance green space.