How Much Should You Expect to Spend on an AC Installation?

Those considering buying an air conditioning unit are likely concerned about the cost. The video is presented by an AC services professional who breaks down the price range of each type of AC unit and what homeowners can expect from each one.

The presenter separates ACs into three general categories: Entry-Level, Mid-Level, and High-End. The price range for an Entry-Level AC is $4400-$8000.

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This type of AC features a single-stage, standard level of cooling. It's most suitable for someone with low utility costs and doesn't need the high levels of savings of a more efficient AC unit. It's also perfect for someone who isn't sure they'll be in the home long-term.

The price range of a Mid-Level AC is $6200-$9500. The main feature of this type of AC is two-stage cooling, which provides a balanced and even temperature. This type of AC is great for people who know they will be in the home long-term and want to capitalize on reduced energy costs over that period.

The price range of a High-End AC is $8200-$13000. These ACs feature variable speed cooling, which provides the most consistent and even temperature possible. These units are great for most home efficiency situations.

Understanding the cost can help property owners budget for their projects.