How Do Fire Sprinkler Systems Work?

Most people don't even notice the automatic fire sprinklers in nearly every building they enter. They have become part of a building's landscape, though a very important one. Fire sprinkler systems are responsible for saving lives, preventing inhabitants from being burned, and protecting loss of property and valuables. A sprinkler system is a requirement in most areas, and a welcome one, because of the protection it provides.

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How Do Fire Sprinklers Work? 1. They are triggered by heat. When something catches fire, the heat rises up toward the ceiling. When the air reaches the sprinkler head at a temperature of 135 to 165 degrees Fahrenheit, the glycerin liquid in the sprinkler head bulb breaks and activates the water sprinkler. 2. Each sprinkler head is connected to a water pipe outside the building. When the sprinkler is activated, the pipe valve opens and water flows throughout the sprinkler head. 3. Each sprinkler head activates individually. This protects areas from being doused with water if they are not at risk. 4. After each sprinkler head is activated, it must be inspected and repaired so that it will be in good working order in the future. If you are considering renting or purchasing a building, ensure all fire sprinkler systems are in good working order to protect property and human lives.