A Guide to Foam Insulation

Building a barn, a detached garage, or building a new house requires insulation. There are various types of insulation, but which is the best for you? Let's examine foam insulation versus foam board insulation.

What is Foam Board Insulation?

Everyone has seen foam being used on home improvement shows, but few remember seeing foam board insulation. Joe and Chad in the video are putting three-inch foam board on a 30 x 40 metal building.

Video Source

The foam board is measured and cut, applied, and then the gaps are filled.

Foam board is closed cell insulation, meaning nothing gets by it such as moisture or air. Filling the cracks with closed-cell foam board spray provides an extra bit of insulation. The R-value of foam board is 3.8 to five per the thickness of the insulation, whereas fiberglass only offers two to three.

About Foam Board Insulation

Perhaps the main benefit of foam board is that it doesn't off-gas like spray foam, especially if the foam isn't mixed properly. Remember that foam board is big, so you'll need a totally empty space in which to stack it. Remember to measure accurately to avoid buying too much foam board.

Foam insulation is a better and more money-saving alternative to fiberglass insulation. Consider it for your next project.