Starting Your Own HVAC Contractor Business

Launching your own heating, ventilation, and air conditioning business is an excellent way to be your own boss. For your new enterprise to succeed, you must launch it right. While it might seem that all you need to establish an HVAC contractor business is a truck, tools, and customers, that's not the case. Before you start looking for customers, you first need to get a contractor's license from your state.

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In most states, it's illegal to do heating, air conditioning, electrical, or plumbing work for money without a license. You could get fined thousands of dollars if you operate your HVAC contractor business without a license. Moreover, having a license will lend credibility to your name and enable you to easily win the trust of your prospective clients. In most states, you need a permit before you do any major work that alters the plumbing, electrical, or gas lines of a building. You can only obtain these permits if you have a license. Upon completion of such major work, you can expect a building inspector from your local authority to assess it. When you become a licensed HVAC contractor, you make it harder for unlicensed technicians to scam homeowners and endanger their property with poor workmanship.