A Day in the Life of a Driveway Company

Have you ever wondered what it is like for people who work at a driveway company? This video provides excellent insight into the hard-working individuals who make driveways for a living.

The video is presented and narrated by the owner of a driveway company. The first thing to note is that his day starts early—at 4 am.

Video Source

After a stop for food and coffee, he meets the rest of his crew at a pre-arranged location. The owner-operator must then order concrete for the day's work. A large driveway requires at least four days to complete. On the first day, the crew will pour concrete onto half the driveway and then set up for a second pour for the second half on the following day.

From the rendezvous point, the crew proceeds to the actual job site. There are all kinds of contingencies that one must plan for with these types of jobs. For example, when the narrator reaches the job site, he realizes that the previous night's rain has made the gravel soft and squishy, which means the concrete trucks will not be able to drive on it. They will need to lay down plywood for the trucks to drive on, which is extra work and will push the completion of the job back a few hours. Now you know what working for a driveway company is like.