How Landscape Companies Get Customers

Are you thinking about getting into the landscaping business? Have you already started your company? The video offers tips and insights into how landscaping companies can optimize their marketing campaigns.

The video is narrated by the owner of a landscaping company. He has pursued what he calls local market domination strategy. If you are just starting out, you may not be able to choose your clients. The need for revenue may require you to accept jobs that are far away.

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The narrator suggests abandoning this practice when it becomes feasible. It is much more efficient and effective to focus on a local cluster of sub-divisions or one large sub-division that is within a 10-mile radius.

Have bandit signs, hats, and vehicle wraps made. Ensure all employees wear a hat with the company name and logo on it whenever they are out on jobs. Make sure the vehicle wrap includes the company logo and contact details. Finally, saturate the target neighborhood with flyers, door hangers, and bandit signs. Be sure to post these signs on street corners and at the entrances of the target subdivision. It is even possible to get permission from clients to put signs on their lawns. Now you know how landscape companies get customers.