How a Inground Pool Company Installs a Pool

Grunite pools, formally popular in resorts and hotels, are now penetrating residential homes. The installation process makes inground pools versatile, attractive, and durable. An inground pool company typically uses the following process to install a pool, as shown in this video.

  1. Ground Work: The company will map out the shape of the pool and then start excavation work. Heavy ground equipment ensures they get the right shape and dimensions.

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  2. Structure Building: The next step is installing iron rebars to create a structure around the pool. The structure reinforces the pool and enables the gunite application.
  3. Gunite Application: Gunite is a sand, cement, and water mixture. It's applied through a spray gun, thus making it easier to create unconventional shapes. It's also quite durable.
  4. Pipe Work: Your pool will need pipework to bring in water and drain it. The company does pipework before any exterior work can begin.
  5. Exterior Layout: This may involve cementing or installing paving blocks. Some pool owners may also opt for small rocks.
  6. Finishing: The pool company will typically use plaster to do finishing on the pool.

The pool is almost ready. The last part is filling your pool with water. An ideal inground pool company will offer water testing services to ensure the water is safe for a quick dip.