The Most Common DIY Basement Finishing Mistakes to Avoid

The Most Common DIY Basement Finishing Mistakes to Avoid

Knowing what to look out for before basement finishing is important. There are many details to observe when doing a basement remodel. Take a look at some common mistakes people make.

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1. Putting off the waterproofing Waterproofing should be one of the first things you do when working on a basement. It helps prevent moisture that can lead to mold. Sealants help prevent water from seeping into any cracks in walls or foundations.

2. Not using enough insulation Insulation helps to keep utility bills down and the temperature comfortable. It's best to use at least R-13 insulation.

3. Not sealing walls correctly Sealing walls tightly is important to help protect the integrity of the structure of the basement.

4 .Not having adequate lighting The right lighting is important. Be sure to install overhead lights to improve the quality of the lighting in the space. You won't get adequate sunlight or natural lighting, so the right lighting system is important.