How Does a Metal Roofing Machine Work?

If you regularly have construction projects that involve installing metal roofing, it will be prudent for you to get an on-site metal roofing machine. This means you will be able to make metal roofing for your building right on the job site. Arguably, the most desirable metal roofing machine is the New Tech Machinery SSQ model, which strikes an almost perfect balance in portability, ease of use, and capability.

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The machine can be set up for both ground and aerial roll forming. In aerial roll forming, the produced panels go directly to the structure. This significantly reduces the time and labor required to roof large buildings with full-length panels. Moreover, on-site metal roofing machines produce less waste compared to conventional metal roofing panels.

The SSQ model machine primarily makes standing seam metal roofing. It can make four types of standing seam roofing panels, and they are U-shape with a baton cap panel, snap lock, 130/80, and a230/80, depending on the tooling installed. All that's needed to change the tooling on this metal roofing machine is a half-inch wrench.

With a metal roofing machine, you can also offer wholesale pricing for the metal roof panels you produce for your clients. Your competitive pricing can help you attract more clients and magnify your revenue.