Protecting Your Convertible After Installation

While taking care of a convertible is not a luxurious task, you can learn how to clean it easily in this video. Convertible installations require more care than the average vehicle. The quality and appearance of a convertible top depend on how well it's cared for.

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Proper convertible maintenance includes cleaning the top regularly and adopting protection measures depending on the material of the specific convertible installation. Relying on drive-through or hand car washes is insufficient to maintain the convertible. Often, it may result in untimely wear and tear, become unsightly, and increase the cost of replacement or repairs. To maintain an appealing look on convertible installations, they should be washed once fortnightly. The convertible should remain in a covered parking structure or garage when not in use. During summer, convertible installations should be washed frequently because the extreme weather can be harsh on the soft top. Convertible owners should exercise caution when caring for fabric and vinyl tops. Before cleaning the convertible top, owners should determine the type of convertible installation soft material. This information is available in the user manual. Individuals can also complete the fabric vinyl convertible test or contact their vehicle manufacturer. After cleaning the convertible top, individuals should apply a vinyl protectant to preserve the texture and color. This substance also helps prevent fading and cracks.