The Essential Hot Tub Chemical Guide

Hot tub chemicals are important to make sure that your tub is sparkling clean and clear. Let's learn about them to keep your tub in top shape.


Sanitizer keeps your tub water sanitized. The most common chemicals are chlorine, bromine, or a saltwater system.

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Chlorine is the most cost-effective and easy-to-manage chemical.


Shock is a chemical that solves acute problems and usually comes in chlorine or nonchlorine types. If you are using chlorine as your primary sanitizer, then use a non-chlorine shock.

Alkalinity increaser, pH increaser, and pH decreased

These chemicals act together as a group to change the pH content of your hot tub. Alkalinity increaser and pH increaser are not the same chemicals and you will need both to keep your tub clean.

Watch Out for Calcium Hardness Increases

In a hot tub, calcium hardness is good. Calcium hardness should be 175-250 PPM, so if it exceeds that hardness, you will need to drain the tub and start over. Be aware!

Line flush cleaner

The only way to get rid of buildup is to use a line flush cleaner and drain the tub completely of water. This should be done every 3-4 months.

Using these chemicals, you can keep your tub clean.