Timeless Interior Design Trends You Should Try

Home design trends become dated in the blink of an eye. Timeless interior design isn't about color or shape, but about how the piece is used. Caraway Home Goods tells us more about timeless design trends.

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Built-ins pull a room together, provide storage, and help augment your space.


Vintage furniture has been timeless for almost 100 years, with antiques being timeless for over 100 years. Quality, character, charm, and durability mark the vintage or antique piece as timeless.

Solid Wood

Solid wood can look aged, distressed, or shiningly solid. It's more expensive but lasts forever.


Neutral is defined as natural. You'll find trees clothed in tan bark, the white and gray of snow, and the black of storm clouds. Beige and cream are timeless colors against which a splash of color provides character and style.


The millwork over doors, moldings, chair rails, and wainscoting in classic older homes give them a timeless look. They add depth and character to a room.


Stripes have been used for a long time, mostly for the mattress or pillow before filling. Stripes are timeless, fit any décor, and never go out of style.

We all have specific tastes and desires regarding the interior design of our homes. Make it timeless and charming with these tips.