How Residential Asphalt Companies Complete a Project

Asphalt paving provides homeowners comfort and ease when driving on residential property. Additionally, well-designed pavements enhance a home's overall curb appeal and property value. But how does a tip-top company complete an asphalt installation on a residential property?

Residential asphalt companies follow routine step-by-step procedures to ensure the installation is perfect for a smooth new surface. First, they employ heavy machinery, such as front loaders and dump trucks, to demolish the existing surface.

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Next, the professionals use a paver to fine-grade the surface for appropriate water drainage. After compacting the sub-base, they conduct a proof roll to ensure the underlying surface is sturdy enough to support the new asphalt.

A dump truck loads the new asphalt, and now it's time to add the binder. The binder aggregate is mixed with oil to increase longevity and make it strong. The surface asphalt, made up of sand, aggregate, and soil, is added to transition from the old surface to the new.

After laying the new asphalt on the surface, a roller truck softens the surface to provide a smooth and shiny final look. This process is essential to ensure no small bumps or holes are left on the new surface. These are the crucial steps residential asphalt companies follow to ensure that the new asphalt provides homeowners with years of durability and service.