A Guide to Tree Removal Services

There's nothing prettier to house hunters than tall, shady trees over a house. There's nothing more threatening to a homeowner than those same trees in the throes of a violent storm. Trees die, too, so there is more than one reason to hire tree removal services. What reasons?

Which Trees?

Safety measures and harnesses get arborists up into trees with problems. Certain branches or the whole tree might be dead, termites might have caused catastrophic circumstances, and/or a storm might have taken out the tree.

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How it's Done

A thoroughly safety-clad arborist will buckle on his harness and climb the tree in question. He'll cut off branches over the house first, safely clearing the structure. Then he'll cut off the limbs from which the branches grew. Now, all that's left is the tree trunk, so down it comes.

What Happens to the Wood?

Nothing is wasted. The tree stump, branches, and trunk are loaded onto trucks. From there, they are turned into firewood, wood chips, and mulch.

Tree removal services aren't needed every day, but when they are, it's usually serious. Homeowners, keep a tight eye on your trees. Know when trained arborists are needed before a catastrophe happens.