A Guide to FBA Prep Management

FBA Prep Managers assist sites like Amazon through shipping goods. A lot of people are unfamiliar with all the rights and responsibilities of the job. Here is a closer look at what FBA Prep Management entails. Successful FBA Prep Managers find profitable products.

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Locating a prep center is important. The prep center hosts all the products before they are packaged and shipped to Amazon. Constant communication between Prep Mangers, couriers, and prep centers helps things run smoothly. Lack of transparency leads to missed and lost items. FBA Prep Managers are able to choose their product prices as advertised on Amazon. FBA Prep Managers are notified once a customer places an order. They can research the tracking number to ensure that the products reach their intended destination. Prep Managers constantly look at their spreadsheets and also receive emails and invoices to stay on top of things. The primary key for aspiring prep managers is to develop a sound communication system with carriers and prep centers. Miscommunications cause prep managers to lose time and money. Aspiring prep managers are encouraged to find a prep center in a tax-free state to help save money on operational costs.