What's it Like Being a Gutter Contractor

Homeowners cleaning their gutters or replacing them have an idea what it's like to be a gutter contractor. You need tools, a truck into which to put them, and gutters to clean or replace. JR from Gutter Talks 101 tells us about it.

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Your clean truck and/or trailer require working lights, good tires, being properly closed and locked, and being totally road-worthy. Make sure regular maintenance is performed. Load the truck with your equipment.

More Prep

Now the gutters have to be prepped for installation. With the pieces of the whole gutter assembled, you'll process the spike or ferrule. This goes in the front of the gutter and through the back to get screwed into the fascia board. Hidden hangers add extra support to the gutter while pipe cleats add extra support, also hidden, to the downspouts.


Now the gutters and downspouts are installed according to the customer's wishes. Finally, leaving the customer's home cleaner than before you arrived is important to work as a contractor.

Working as a gutter contractor is a simple matter of the right tools, the best product, skills, and a professional application of those skills. If you have all that, then congratulations on becoming a contractor.