A Guide to Custom Fiberglass Fabrication

Fiberglass is a very popular building material. Not only is it generally strong and affordable, it's especially light. Folks looking to get the most out of their vehicle should consider replacing parts, like the dashboard, with custom fiberglass fabrication. You can craft parts that are lighter while still capable of doing their job.

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Dashboards are typically made of Polypropylene and various plastic and rubber materials. While not especially heavy, these materials typically aren't as light as fiberglass. With custom fiberglass solutions you can craft a new, better dashboard.

That said, it's crucial to get the shape of the dashboard perfect. Otherwise, it won't fit properly and that could lead to a host of problems. Fortunately, by working with professionals, you can help ensure that you get a fiberglass dashboard that actually fits.

Installing a new dashboard can be a bit tricky as well. You'll need to remove the current dashboard, which takes a lot of work and if you're not careful, you might damage something, like the infotainment system. Next, the new dashboard must be installed. You'll want to use the proper nuts, bolts, screws, and glues. Typically, a dashboard should be left to set for at least 24 hours to allow the glues to dry.