The Most Common Commercial Roofing Issues of 2023

For commercial real estate owners, roofing is something that often doesn't come to mind until there is a problem. In this video, the presenter explains that it's not a matter of if, but rather when there will be roofing problems. As presented, common issues with commercial roofing include leaks, punctures, ponding water, bad installation, lack of maintenance, and more. As the potential problems are many and tend to gradually sneak up on building owners, the presenter advises working with a roofing contractor.

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The roofing contractor can come for an annual inspection and check on the state of the roof before small, inexpensive worry areas become big, costly issues. It's like going to the doctor or dentist for regular check-ups to detect and solve problems as they arise, rather than when they are past being fixable. In addition to the great cost that can come with substantial repairs, the solution can often require a workplace to shut down for up to a week, which is a huge hit to business. Again, working regularly with a roofing contractor can eliminate devastating commercial roofing problems.