Window Blind Measuring Basics

Installing window blinds, shutters, or other coverings can be an excellent way to add privacy, improve energy efficiency, and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. However, before you can install these coverings, you need to measure your windows accurately. These steps can help you measure windows for installing shutters and other coverings:

  1. Measure the Width: Use a tape measure to measure the window's width. Take measurements of the distance from one side of the window frame to the other.

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    Do the same for the window's top, middle, and bottom to ensure that the measurements are consistent.
  2. Measure the Height: Also, use a measuring tape to take measurements of the distance from the top to bottom of the window frame and on both sides of the window.
  3. Consider the Depth: When measuring for window shutters, you also need to consider the depth of the window frame. The depth of the frame can impact the type of shutters or coverings that you can install.
  4. Check for Obstructions: When measuring windows, be sure to check for any obstructions, such as handles or locks, that could impact the installation of shutters or coverings.
  5. Double-Check Measurements: Before ordering or installing shutters or coverings, double-check your measurements to ensure that they are accurate. A small mistake in measurement can cause significant problems during installation.

Installing window blinds, shutters, and other coverings can be an excellent investment for any home, and accurate measurements are the first step to ensuring a successful installation.