How to Prepare for Snow or Ice Roof Damage

Ice and snow buildup on your roof can present a safety risk. Because of this, preparing for snow or ice roof buildup is important. Ensuring that your roof is in good condition provides a surefire way to minimize risk and the need for costly local roof repair. This video helps you understand the risks and what you can do about ice and snow buildup.

Video Source

Icicles typically form on the roof when there's a ventilation or insulation problem. This issue becomes more problematic in severe weather conditions. Under these conditions, large icicles weighing up to 100 pounds can become a safety concern. Meanwhile, removing snow and ice from the roof requires a careful approach because it can pull shingles and metal off. An expert featured in the video recommends preventing snow and ice buildup. You can achieve this objective using salt pucks. Doing so ensures the water keeps flowing, preventing it from turning into ice. Another factor to consider when preparing for heavy snow is your roof's carrying capacity. The amount of snow it can hold depends on your home zoning area. Meanwhile, it's important to keep a roof rake since it makes it easier to remove snow. Lastly, consider clearing debris like leaves or branches before the snow arrives. Debris tends to trap moisture, leading to ice formation.