What to Expect When Installing Stucco House Siding

For centuries homeowners have enjoyed the versatility, weather resistance, and look of stucco. With its variety of colors and textures, no matter the house, there is a stucco house siding option that has that perfect look. Stucco has been popular for so long because of how easy it is to install.

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Stucco house siding can be added over wood, concrete, or brick walls during a three or two coat process. Although stucco house siding is naturally weather-resistant, the addition of waterproof wrapping to the house is required before stucco is applied. After the house is wrapped, all trim accessories should be installed. Once the house has been wrapped and trim accessories have been added, it's time to apply the base coat of stucco. Stucco has a consistency similar to concrete and can be spread manually on the house. The thickness of the stucco mixture can usually prevent drips and messes, however, if any of the stucco mixture falls to the ground or lands on your person, it should be cleaned up immediately. Stucco house siding needs to be applied in several coats. Depending on the material it is being applied to, you will need to apply two to three coats. Once the base coat dries, a second coat can be added. It's important to only reapply on dry stucco so you can see and flaws or cracks that may have started and address them in future coats. .