All of Your Assisted Living Questions Answered

There'll come a time when your parent needs more care, assistance, and attention than you can provide. If you start to worry about them, you ought to start considering what your options are. The video describes assisted living facilities and their benefits.

These facilities provide a homely environment, where your loved one is surrounded by familiar things whilst getting the care required. These modest to fancy facilities are licensed and regulated in most states.

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There could be between 20-200 residents, staying in one-story buildings or high-rise apartments. Some may cater to a particular culture, thus offering food and spiritual support accordingly. Not all facilities are the same.

These places encourage independence and therefore allow them to choose the activities and meals they want. They could share a room or have a private room. There are common family room areas for families that visit.

The cost depends on the facilities offered, averaging $3,700 per month. Meals, laundry, and housekeeping are included. Extra charges are incurred if additional services are required, such as personal care assistance. Inquire about any discounts or specials.

Assisted living facilities may cost less than if your parent stayed at home. Choose one that'll suit your parent's needs and personality.