Try These New Home Interior Paint Ideas for 2023

As the old saying goes, a change is as good as a holiday. The same can be said about a fresh coat of paint. But knowing which colors are trending and should not be mixed can be daunting, as explained in the Youtube video "Paint Trends 2023! My Most Recommended Paint Colors as a Designer." That's why it's always best to consult professionals.

Trending Paint Colors for 2023

When in doubt, it's always safe to stick to earthy and tonal colors such as khaki, taupe, creamy whites, olive green, navy blue, and greys, to mention a few. For indoor paint colors that dominate the trends in 2023, the firm favorites among interior home painters include forest green, dark blue, navy, aubergine, and muted greens. These colors can be daring. Pairing these colors with the right decor and room is essential.

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For example, aubergine is a very bold color. But, when used in a powder room, it can create just the right ambiance.

Similarly, most people would be scared to use something like forest green in their homes. However, this shade looks brilliant on kitchen cupboards or as an accent wall in the living room. Gold accents such as door handles can make these colors come alive.