How to Perform Proper AC Maintenance at Home

Proper AC maintenance can add years to the life of your HVAC system and may also result in lower utility bills as well. A properly maintained heating and cooling system typically functions better than a poorly maintained one and may reduce the need for AC repair work later on. One of the biggest keys to good maintenance is to take preventative HVAC maintenance seriously.

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HVAC maintenance often starts with a visual look-over of the external parts, including vents and the heating/cooling units. You'll want to remove the faceplates when possible to check over the parts and components inside. If there's a lot of dust and grime, you'll want to remove that, but make sure you do so carefully. You should also check the heating and cooling filters and change them on a regular basis.

Besides filters, there are many other components that may need to be changed, cleaned, or otherwise addressed. HVAC systems are surprisingly complex. You may need to go into the basement or crawlspace to find some components. You might also need to go into the attic. It's important that everything gets checked over. If you need help, it's wise to contact AC repair technicians to lend a helping hand.