Easy and Essential Golfing Tips From a Pro Golfer

Outdoor activities are a great way to connect with nature, enjoy a fresh breeze and exercise our bodies. While golfing might be intimidating to some, it would help to get a few tips from a pro golfer to get the proper form and aim. When you start, you need to start with a 20 to 25-minute warm-up to get your body and mind in the right mood.

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To get the ball higher and further out, grip down on the club and lean more to your left side before you strike the ball as you normally would. As a beginner, you might imagine that because the golf ball is hard, you must hit it with a lot of power. However, this is a myth that could get you injured, so you should avoid it at all costs.

The best thing is to work on getting your posture and aim right with a smooth tempo to get the ball as far as possible. Be conscious of your takeaway to get your swing right. To get the best shots, tuck your right elbow in and swing up slightly to get into position before swinging out to hit the ball.