How to Fix a Car Dent

Auto dent repair is a hassle that most car owners dread. To save money and stress, the YouTube video “Fixing a Car Dent for $15!” has a cost-effective solution that car owners can do with minimal supplies and a small budget. For multiple methods, one can use household items such as a hair dryer and compressed air can or purchase an inexpensive tool from a home improvement store such as a dent plunger.

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These usually cost a few dollars each and will be much less expensive than a mechanic's bill in total. Then, one should use the hair dryer to heat up the metal around the dent for a few minutes. After the dent has become hot, one can use an upside-down air compressor can to encourage the dent to pop out due to the cooling effect. If that doesn't work, the next best method is heating up the metal again with the hair dryer and then using suction force from the dent plunger to pull the dent out. Users can also employ a bridge removal. This method consists of gluing down an appendage and then threading a bridge to bring the dent out.