A Guide to HVAC AC Repairs

Whether you're doing it yourself or bringing an HVAC technician into your home, AC repairs can be more complicated than they seem at first glance. As the video “Central Air Troubleshooting - Top 10 AC Problems” explains, there are some common problems that come up with air conditioners more often than others. Some problems, like a bad capacitor, can happen as a result of regular wear and tear over time.

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Other issues, such as low refrigerant, occur when there is a secondary issue. If the issue is low refrigerant, the least expensive fix is refilling it annually to avoid the problem. If this doesn't work, the problem may be more complex and involve a leak in the system. This is more costly to fix but overall less expensive than replacing the whole system. If one sees that water is pooling around the furnace, the most common cause for this issue is cleaning the line and the fitting to unplug it. Sometimes, users may notice that the control panel is not working. In this case, replacing the control panel may be the only option. Overall, fixing an AC system usually requires cleaning or replacing parts.