Top 8 Questions to Ask Your Residential Roofing Company

Are you getting your roof replaced or a new house constructed? You need a good residential roofing company, and this video will guide you to the questions you need to ask before hiring them.

Find out how they'll protect your property. Nothing in fine print should state they're not liable for damages.

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Ask for references for work done in the last three to six months. You can then talk to the homeowner and find out about their experience. Are they certified by the manufacturers? Manufacturers select only a few roofing companies that they want to certify.

If there's a problem, can you speak directly to the roofing company's owner? You should be able to contact the person in charge in case of any issues. Ask if they have a workmanship warranty. Ideally, the warranty should be for a minimum of 10 years. Inquire how long they've been in operation. Is their business local? Choose one that's in your area as you can follow up in case of problems. Finally, check that they are licensed, bonded, and insured, as they should be.

If they cannot provide most of the information above, you need to look for another roofing contractor.