Avoid These Common DIY Plumbing Mistakes

Small plumbing issues may seem easy enough to fix, but if not done incorrectly, then they can lead to bigger problems. DIY plumbing repairs are possible if you avoid typical plumbing blunders, as seen in the accompanying video.

When gluing a fitting onto a painted pipe, first remove the paint by scraping it off or with paint thinner. Paint weakens the glued connection.

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When you've soldered a pipe, let it cool down naturally to prevent it from cracking. Never leave a hose connected to the faucet during winter. The hose needs to be drained out, otherwise, if the water inside the pipe freezes, then the pipe can burst. Leaking joints need to be unsoldered to repair them. Heat it, disassemble the joint, clean it up, and resolder it.

Ensure all drains have a p-trap. It'll keep odors away. Don't use a sink plunger in the toilet. Use a toilet plunger. Also, never flush rubbish down the toilet. Ensure one pipe is not laid over another, as friction will cause the pipe to eat into another pipe. Use a special fitting to pass over or under another pipe.

DIY plumbing repairs can save money as long as they're done correctly, especially when following the tips given above.