Try These Cost-Effective Landscape Design Tips

You can make your yard look good on a budget. In this video, the presenter shares five cost-effective do-it-yourself landscape design tips that you may want to consider. His emphasis is doing things to the front of your home that increase the curb appeal.

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The first one is hardscaping and landscape edging. The keys here are cleaning old edge rocks and replacing them precisely. This quickly updates their appearance and makes things more professional. The second is pressure washing the concrete surfaces. The presenter suggests that you will be surprised at what a big difference this makes, even when you don't think you need it.

His next tip is pruning your trees and hedges. These are areas that can quickly get out of control, especially if they go unnoticed. Next is to use weeding and mulch, which helps to instantly update the look of a home. Finally, adding some affordable softscaping and landscape lighting will make the home more inviting.

None of these tips are overly expensive, and most of them involve simply cleaning, maintaining, or removing elements from the landscape. Before moving on to anything fancy, these tips will create a sustainable foundation that will keep up the curb appeal of your home.