A Guide to Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lights improve the curb appeal and security of a home at night. They also create the perfect ambiance for nighttime celebrations. Here is a step-by-step guide to help homeowners learn how to install landscape lighting. So What Is Landscape Lighting? Landscape lighting refers to fixed artificial lighting placed around property to deter thieves and illuminate the space to allow for nighttime outdoor activities.

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How to Install Landscape Lights To install the outdoor lights, professional electricians and DIYers should collect the necessary components. These may include stakes, lights, a transformer, a connection cable, an electric tester, and a trenching shovel. Also, they should identify the power source, where they will mount the transformer, then proceed by: 1. Laying out the lights and cable within the targeted spots 2. Digging a trench in the target area and placing the connection cable in it 3. Install the stakes into the ground at their intended locations 4. Attaching lights to the cable and mounting them in the stakes 5. Installing the transformer and then connecting it to the electric cable 6. Switching on the transformer to test the lights 7. Burying the cable with the lights still on (this will help them establish any loose connection for correction) Though simple, installing outdoor lighting comes with some risks. For instance, one can easily get electrocuted when installing the transformer. For this reason, it is recommended to call a professional if you cannot safely execute the landscape lights installation.