How Technicians Install Car Window Tinting

Have you ever wondered how car windows are tinted? If you've never seen them before or even thought about them, this video will explain why your car window tinting is essential and shows how it works.

According to, the global car tinting film industry has undergone significant changes in the past.

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In 2021, the market value was around USD 3.65 billion, growing at a CAGR of 5%. This trend is attributed to increased awareness of the benefits of using window films and a rising preference for personal safety and interior protection. Besides, technological advancements in window films, the development of lightweight, flexible films, and the demand for energy-efficient vehicles are expected to boost the market growth.

Tinted windows offer many benefits. They can reduce glare from sunlight, block UV rays and reduce the fading of dashboard instruments. Besides, they add style and value to cars, making them look newer. Window tinting is simple, but you should consult experts to ensure proper window tinting installation. The process involves applying layers of film and coating it with particular paint. If applied properly, the paint can last years with no visible change in color.